Industrial and commercial rating assessments checked, and appeals conducted. Specialist rating surveyors to the licenced trade.

Business rates are a major outgoing for any business and are a very sensitive issue, especially where occupiers believe that they are paying excessive amounts but receiving poor public services in return.

Although Sturgis Snow and Astill are not in a position to improve the services provided, we can ensure that business rates liability is kept to a minimum.

Non-domestic rating revaluations, i.e. rating assessments, are reviewed every 5 years and opportunities to reduce liability are limited by statute. You should ensure therefore that regular contact is maintained with an experienced rating adviser with local knowledge in order to ensure that your assessments are checked and appealed against within the appropriate timescales.
Unfortunately, there has been, in recent years, a large number of so-called rating experts who have been offering their services in an unprofessional and sometimes fraudulant way promising large reductions at little or no cost to the occupier. In many instances up-front payments have been made with little success being achieved.

Local professional and quality advice is available from Sturgis Snow and Astill who act for a large range of rate payers from The University of Leicester to local single unit shop keepers. We also act on behalf of two Brewery and pub chains and can offer specialist advice to the licenced trade.

In order to ensure that your rates burden is not excessive and for advice in respect of licenced premises, contact Mark Simpson.

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