Rental valuations of all types of property, conducting rent reviews or lease renewals by negotiation or arbitration.

Rent negotiations appear to be a simple situation where a Landlord is looking for as high a rent as possible and a Tenant is looking to minimise outgoings and a deal will be agreed somewhere between the two parties' ideals.

However, it is often the case that one party will be unhappy with the settlement and, on occasion, no agreement will be reached and the matter proceeds to a third party, whether it be an Independent Expert, Arbitrator or the Courts.

In many instances, Landlords and Tenants will not seek advice and rents are agreed which are not in keeping with market levels at the time.

It is often the case that Tenants do not realise that they have a right to negotiate rents proposed by Landlords.
In many instances, the exercise is self-financing in that the increases obtained by Landlords or the savings made by Tenants are far in excess of the cost of instructing an experienced and knowledgable Surveyor.

Sturgis Snow and Astill have a detailed knowledge of rental values for all types of properties throughout the area and this knowledge is vital in assisting in negotiations.

If matters proceed to a third party, it is vital to obtain professional advice. Many cases are lost by companies and individuals believing that they have the appropriate knowledge in order to achieve the desired result. This is rarely the case!

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